From the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, Residencias Intermundos offers a space for free creation, experimentation and investigation for those residents which would like to develop their own projects or support projects of Intermundos or related to the cultural context of the region. Our main areas of interest are ecological sustainability / independence from the global economy / autonomous technologies / open systems / permaculture and similar. The two physical spaces that we offer for the residencies have been and will continue to be developed as living laboratories: places to live in, which aim at becoming completely autonomous after some time and through a collective construction between ourselves and the residents and volunteers involved in the program.

Objectives of Residencias Intermundos

  • To offer a space for investigation or creative projects related to the environment, alternative and open technologies, sustainability, community development, cultural patrimony preservation and education.
  • Generate exchanges with the Taganga and Palomino community, the Colombian Caribbean region and the world.
  • Generate spaces for socializing our experiences at a virtual and analog level; radio programs, catalogues, web publications, audio visual products, live events etc.

Our residencies are open to:

Artists, writers, journalists, curators, musicians, inventors, ecologists, hackers, farmers, musicians, communicators etc.; with professional titles or not; artists and independent creators; people with experience in community work.

For complete information, please visit our residency blog (only in spanish).