National Premieres of Frekuensia Kolombiana


Bogotá – On Thursday the sixth of April, 2006,  the documentary Frekuensia Kolombiana premiered in the Centro Cultural Piso 3, a well know independent venue dedicated to promoting free and intelligent youth culture in Bogotá.  The premiere was  a big success, the room was filled by  people from the many different cultural spheres of the city, and above all by representatives of the Colombian hip hop movement. After the projection several of the musicians and B/boys that are featured in the documentary performed live and everybody had a chance to get down and party.
We thank to all the performers that participated that evening and also the public for their great support and enthusiasm.



Medellin – The premiere in Medellin took place on the 18th of July, 2006 in the Teatro Porfirio Barba Jacob. It featured concerts by Tribu Omerta, Sociedad FB7, Ultrajala, Narkopoetas and Animacion Verbal. It was a great success with over 500 people filling the entire theater up.

Frekuensia Kolombiana – Launch screening in Bogota

Interview with Walter Hernandez about Frekuensia Kolombiana

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