Online Platform

In 2002, Intermundos went online with this website :

(its a bit destroyed today!! but you can still see how lovely it was!!)

The original idea of the Intermundos website was that it be a sort of online magazine with information about Colombian subcultures that had no presence at the time on the web. We had some hip hop, indigenous groups represented as well as a long list of links to other website, art projects etc. The website was created to be very esthetic and colorful (I copied color schemes from indigenous art): there was lots animations and sections made with flash. My idea was that by presenting Colombia in an artistic way , we were breaking the mould (at the time, almost everything presented about Colombia was negative) and inviting people worldwide to see Colombia under a new light – with a new “presentation” and information that until then had not been accessible easily.

The Intermundos website was featured in several international events and papers:


Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Michigan Institute of Technology. 2006




“BEYOND” 2005


The Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Mayo 2005.


“Dot Org Boom” PIXELACHE festival – 2005
Helsinki, Finland


Here a 1 minute video I made during Pixelache 2005!!

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