Hi everybody

Things are moving quickly for this week’s exciting dance off battle between Brasil, Colombia, Pakistan and Manchester nd throughout the week please keep coming back to see what names are adding to the list.

Some quick insights of people who are performing or donating us tracks of music:

Baba Israel (
Sakiztik (
Sadam Insane and Lady Muk
Marco Roberts (

and many many more……there are many styles of music and so far we have capoeiristas, b-boys, belly dancers, contemporary dancers and we want more genres and influences for the live fusion! Get in touch if you want a slot during the event.

The event will start early and end late to ensure that we get time to battle with each country and to give you a chance to take part in free, informal workshops in VJing, Djing, MCing/beatboxing and of course different dance styles.

The clip online shows a very quick example of what happened during a mini test in september and what you cand see online is Colombia dancing to us – – they can see us and we can see them! And there will be more of the same with us mixing and fusing live music, video and audio throughout the event.

Videos from last two Dance Off´s:

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