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Selvatorium is an event that took place for the first time between the 4th and 17th of October 2014 in the rural cultural space El Ensueño on the shores of the Palomino river in the Guajira department in Colombia. The objective of this event is to bring together groups of people interested in working on themes related to art, permaculture, sustainable technologies, autonomous communication, the transformation and distribution of food and community development.

The second version of  Selvatorium – Mango Jam will take place between the 6th and 14th of June 2015 and will focus on mangoes! For more information, please visit the Selvatorium website: www.selvatorium.co

Selvatorium takes place in the mountains far from the cities. We feel it is important to promote what we call “positive migration”;  that is to say, a movement from the city to the countryside. We understand that the cities are overpopulated and promote a lifestyle which is not sustainable on a long-term. With  the industrial revolution in Europe came a huge human exodus from the countryside to the cities; this migration stabilized in the mid twentieth century in Europe but was just starting in Colombia. Colombia is in the midst of industrialism and the movement of farmers whom abandon their lands looking for a “better life” in the cities is permanent. They leave their lands because their lifestyle as farmers is not sustainable; their crops have very little value on the market. Also forced expropriation of land is continuous in Colombia due to exploitation of resources and war. In order to stop this exodus , its is absolutely necessary to foment rural communities which are educated; sustainable; connected; capable of fabricating and distributing goods and crops and which have living and visible cultural expressions.

We propose to re discover and also re invent contemporary cultural life in the Colombian countryside. We invite you to experiment with new forms community development, to promote and teach appropriate technologies; encourage free culture; bring back food sovereignty; widespread ecological construction and foment the development of new rural artistic expressions while exulting those which perdure. The event which we are proposing exists to generate ideas around these themes and experiment  on a real and unique natural and social environment.


El Ensueño

El Ensueño is is a 15 hectar rural laboratory and living space located located in la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a sacred mountain on the edge of the Colombian Caribbean. There are four indigenous communities which live in la Sierra Nevada and El Ensueño is located on the edge of kogi indigenous territory and in front of Arahuaco indigenous territory.


El Ensueño was bought by Intermundos in 2009 and has since been in a process of recuperation and habilitation. Most of its 15 hectares forest was cut down in the 80s to make way for illegal crop cultivation and today what exists is a low jungle habitat of young trees.  Our objective is that El Ensueño become a sustainable cultural project and farm as well as an ongoing laboratory for alternative living practices which abide to millenary traditions as well as embracing and developing sustainable technologies.

In 2010, the first kioske “El Jaguar” was constructed, but it was not until 2013 that we developed the infrastructure necessary to host guests; constructing two more kiosks; “El Zaino” and ” El Colibri”, installing running water and solar energy, gas stoves and other comforts.  Also during 2013 Felipe Rague from Ereciclaje, expert and pioneer in Colombia working with recycling and perma-culture lived and worked in El Ensueño. During his stay he designed and constructed of a series of berms which serve as a water catching and retaining system which makes  possible cultivation on the lower part of our land which otherwise was a sand hill. For more information about ereciclaje:


In El Ensueño we are are also hosting residents, volunteers and interns through Residencias Intermundos.





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