What is Vokaribe?

It is a community radio station at the service of the residents of the neighborhoods in the soutwest sectors of the city of Barranquilla (Colombia). Its programming will basically be directed and produced by the neighbors of this sector of the city. It will be possible to listen to Vokaribe on the 89.6 FM frequency which will the entire southwestern section of the city. Also , through Vokaribe.net, the radio station will reach a worldwide audience.

The coordinating board of Vokaribe is made up of 19 social organizations which represent the different sectors of Barranquilla, we encourage the participation above all of young people and women in the coordination of Vokaribe. The main partners coordinating Vokaribe 89.6 are Foundation Cultural Cazadores de Auroras Biblioteca Popular del Barrio la Paz and Intermundos.

Vokaribe was born in 1995 as an association. Since 2008 the project was reorganized as a pilot radio project.


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