Hello fello english speakers,

FIRST AND FORMOST: BLOG TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH WITH GOOGLE TRANSLATE: (thanks to the people from the natural building blog)

We decided to do this blog in spanish and not english because there is alot more info online about sustainable / eco construction in english then spanish…in fact when we started with the project in 2008 there was not much online in spanish at all, this blog explains with lots of details all the methods of construction we used in Casa Biyuka, we go through our trials, failures and sucess…and well translating is lots of work so this one is for the spanish public !!!

Here a little intro in english anyway to what this is all about + at the end a video where we walk you around the house , this one is in english!!!


Family home / Intermundos headquarters / Permaculture lab

Since 2008 Casa Biyuka has been growing like a living mushroom in Taganga, a fishing village near Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

This house has been baptized Casa Biyuka after the Biyuka creek which  was almost forgotten until 2010 when it decided to run once more after 50 years of dry silence. Miraculously, this creek ran in the valley below our house for 6 month in 2010 and 3 months in 2011.

Casa Biyuka is to serve as; the home of the Pellegrino/ Gocksch family; as the systema Solar recording studio; Intermundos offices and as a ongoing investigation project for sustainable housing.  Casa Biyuka is also one of the the bases of Residencias Intermundos which is a residency program open to  musicians,  artists, ecologists, communicators, volunteers etc. who whish to to spend a period of time working with us in projects for the community or to develop their own investigations and projects.

The natural conditions of Taganga where the house sits are very dry; there is almost 6 months of absolutely no rain per year and no running water system reaches this property. Water in Casa Biyuka today is our main challenge and so we consider this house to be a laboratory for future scenario housing (in a world with limited water resources).  The house is being constructed with ecology and sustainability in mind, most of the materials used are from the land or recycled. The house collects rainwater, has dry bathrooms and passive cooling. We hope that our experimental house / living system will eventually be as close as possible to autonomous as we can make it and serve as an inspiration to our community.

Casa Biyuka from Intermundos on Vimeo.